Living with Lions

As the human population continues to expand and take over former wilderness areas, lions are losing their habitats to humans. Livestock production is the only viable way of making a living for many rural African people and often lands become severely overgrazed, degrading previously pristine habitats.

Former wildernesses are turning into barren regions, with less wildlife, particularly grazers like zebra and wildebeest, which have to compete with livestock for food and water.

  Overgrazed land

As humans take over lion habitat and eliminate wildlife prey, lions  turn to taking livestock and are in turned speared or poisoned in retaliation.

Although lions can reproduce rapidly, in most areas the killing outstrips the lions’ ability to replenish their numbers.

Ever-increasing numbers of people and easy availability of cheap effective poison has created a lion conservation crisis in all but the largest African protected areas.

  A dead lion
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