Living with Lions

Donations for Living With Lions are accepted by the Banovich Wildscapes Foundation. BWF takes no overhead; 100% of your donation will be used for lion conservation in Kenya. Please write Living With Lions in the memo field and be sure to check out John Banovich's superb wildlife art.

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If you have any questions about donations, or any problems making a donation please email


Here are just some examples of the necessary costs of running our lion conservation projects:

$150 pays for the anaesthesia for collaring and disease testing one lion
$600 pays our rent for one month
$700 covers the cost of fuel and vehicle maintenance for one month
$850 pays the salary of a skilled field technician for one month
$4,000 would pay for one GPS collar, which yields hour by hour data on lion movements
$5,000 will replace our aged and failing solar electric system
$60,000 would pay for a 4-wheel drive pick-up

LWL are extremely grateful for any contributions you are able to make to support their work.

All images are copyright protected and may not be used without permission. Web design and all photography, unless otherwise stated is by Amy Howard. xanax

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