Living with Lions
  • Reuters
    World news agency Reuters visited the Lion Guardians in September 2009. They filmed a piece on the Lion Guardians project and the lion conservation work in Mbirikani, which has been aired by various broadcasters across the world.

  • CBS: 60 minutes
    The American‐made insecticide Furadan is a grave danger to predators, widely used by herding tribes across Kenya to eliminate lions, hyenas and other carnivores. CBS 60 Minutes have spent a week with us in Laikipia and the Chyulu Hills, documenting the use of Furadan and show‐casing our lion conservation efforts. This aired in the US on Sunday March 29th 2009.

  • Beyond/Discovery Channel: Nature's Deadliest
    The Australian production company Beyond filmed a segment for Nature’s Deadliest on human‐wildlife conflict and the Lion Guardians, to be aired on the Discovery Channel in 2009.

  • BBC: Explore
    The BBC TV series Explore filmed a piece on Lion Guardians, which featured in their programme on the Rift Valley. It aired on BBC2 in the UK on 1st February 2009 and will be shown worldwide on satellite.

  • The twilight of the lions: LWL documentary
    Documentary about LWL's lion conservation work will air on Swiss TV in November 2009, and on December 20th 2009 on ARTE in France and Germany.

  • CBC News
    The Canadian broadcasters CBC filmed a short news piece on the Lion Guardians, which was aired in July 2008.

  • National Geographic
    Lions imperiled video featuring Lion Guardians.

  • National Geographic/PBS: Wild Chronicles
    Wild Chronicles piece on Lion Guardians aired in the US on PBS in June 2008.

  • PBS: Nature, The Vanishing Lion

  • FLL productions: The Kilimanjaro Lion Conservation Project
    10 minute video introduction to and summary of KLCP.

  • FLL productions: Lion Guardians
    10 minute video introduction to the Lion Guardians program.

  • National Geographic/Fox Network: Crittercam
    Crittercam piece on lions and hyenas in Laikipia, aired first in July 2006.

  • BBC: The Really Wild Show
    Children's programme aired Easter, 2005.

  • BBC: The Natural World - Lions out of Africa
    An hour-long documentary on lion conservation featuring Alayne's fieldwork, and interviews with Dr Frank. First aired in 2004.

  • 60 Minutes
    The biggest Australian TV news magazine show, filmed and aired a 15-minute segment on lion conservation. First aired in 2004.

  • BBC: Wild Things
    Children’s BBC TV show was shot in April 2004, featuring Alayne's lion work and discussing the conservation issues.

  • Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures
    This is sponsored by Anheuser Busch, who have helped fund this work since its inception. Aired in March, 2004.

  • Animal Planet: Heart of a Lioness
    Documentary by Saba and Dudu Douglas-Hamilton on the oryx-adopting lioness of Samburu. Aired in the UK and the US on Discovery Channel. Dr Frank featured as an authority on lions, and the possible human causes of her peculiar behaviour.

  • NPR: Alex Chadwick, Day to Day (Laikipia Predator Project and Lion Guardians)
    In June 2008 we had a ten day visit from Alex Chadwick of National Public Radio. His two-part Day to Day series on Living with Lions was aired on the 11th and 12th March 2009.

  • BBC: Nature
    One hour programme on lion conservation, featuring Dr Frank and others from the LWL team.

  • Africa Talking
    The UK radio programme interviewed Dr Frank on lion conservation and Maasai land use problems. Adderall link link link

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